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Fixing a stock-heavy retirement account

Question: I'm 55 years old and have my entire retirement plan at work invested in a total market index fund. I'm worried, though, that my account is too heavily skewed toward equities given my age. Any suggestions for how I might take a more balanced approach? --Ray K., Oakland, California


Leaving your job? Don’t forget your 401(k)

Question: I'm in my 30's and have a 401(k) from a previous job, 75% of which is invested in a variety of portfolios. Although my holdings have recovered a bit recently, I'm still down about $7,000 from my peak balance. I'm planning to roll over this old 401(k) into either the 401(k) at my new job or into an IRA account, but I'm wondering whether I should do the rollover now while stocks are still cheap or wait until the market has recovered and then do it. What do think? --Todd Gerecke, Lynden, Washington

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