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Are stocks set for a down year?

NEW YORK - The adage "as January goes, so goes the year" bodes ill for equity investors after the S&P 500 closed out its worst month in almost a year. This week, they will have to contend with fears of sovereign defaults and potential unpleasantness in the U.S. labor market as well.

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How to Start Thinking Like a Rich Person – Start Small

So you want to accumulate wealth, but do not know where to start. For each expert that puts out a saving tip, there are others that paint a different picture on how to really accumulate wealth. The problem becomes that with so many varied recommendations, it is difficult to know how to get started. This is complicated by the fact that costs of goods and services are rising every day while most workers do not see any pay increases to keep up with rising prices. Without taking that saving step to accumulate wealth, you will continue to stay in the same patterns that have kept you working paycheck to paycheck, fighting to keep up with rising costs and diminishing income.

Where Do You Start?

You need to start accumulating wealth for yourself and you can do so easily by starting small with an easy daily practice. As you read on, take note of how you can apply this practice to your own daily life. You will see that by taking a small step towards wealth, your progress will


Best Mortgages 2010

Over the last 12 months research has shown that people with mortgages have seen a 20% drop in their costs. As the Bank of England has slashed its base rate so have the repayments due on mortgages. The results is more in the bank of homeowners or faster repayments for those that have chosen to continue to pay the same sum back to their lender.

The largest reductions on repayments were in London, followed by the South West. There is still a complete lack of 100% mortgages available from lenders but if you can find a 20% deposit then there are some banks out there that have offers that look interesting. Currently the Natwest is offering a rate of 2.99% until February 2012. There is an early repayment charge until February 2010 and the set up charge is

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Are U.S. stocks set for a down year?

NEW YORK - The adage 'as January goes, so goes the year' bodes ill for equity investors after the S&P 500 closed out its worst month in almost a year. In the coming week, they will have to contend with fears of sovereign defaults and the potential for unpleasant surprises in the U.S. labor market.

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Check Your Receipts When You Leave the Store

We all have times when we hit the store in a hurry and we don't check our receipt before or after leaving the store. This may seem harmless but when it comes to common mistakes at the checkout you may be surprised to know that individuals lose out on hundreds of dollars each year because of these simple mistakes. It is mostly accidental mistakes that are caused by double-swiping an item or just simply not receiving the correct change in return for your twenty, but all-in-all, these mistakes add up to thousands of dollars over the course of a lifetime.

The problem is not that these mistakes cannot be corrected, they surely can, and the problem is that most of these mistakes are left unnoticed and unresolved. The only way to correct an error of this type is to be aware of the mistake and to fix the issue before you leave the store. There are scammers out there that purposefully lie about receiving incorrect change from a cashier and these types of people are the reason why consumer


3 Tips to Enable You To Make Smart Personal Finance Choices

Not many people make smart personal finance choices. People buy things that they do not really need, people follow their emotions while purchasing or making investments, people invest without doing fundamental analysis of the market, people neglect to save or save too little, and people accumulate a lot of debt over time. People do most of these things with the belief that even if they make a mistake, they still have years of employment left and they can save for the future later on.

However, you can get fired from your place of work and/or you can get a career-ending injury. It is never too early to make smart personal finance choices. You can follow several tips to make smart personal finance choices.

Avoid debts at all cost

You should avoid getting into debt at all cost. If you have a plan that is based on never taking on any debt, all your personal finance choices will be smart. You should start small instead of taking on debts. If you have to get a for whichever reaso


Learn How to Make and Mange Money Wisely

Simple Steps to Make and Manage

Make and manage ; it's very important to do those two things today especially in view of the tough economy. Have you ever heard the saying, a fool and his are soon parted? That's very true, no matter how much we have if we use it incorrectly it will quickly fly away. And so first and foremost we have to learn how to manage and how to make sure our does not become our master and fly away. Now some are interested in how they can make quickly, and that's okay to figure out how to do that but no matter how quickly you make the it is important that you manage it right. So there are five things that I will address in this article. Number one it is important to save. Number two it's important to have a working budget. Number three it's important to plan. Number four it's important to learn. And number five it's important to be balance when it comes to .

The desperate one will say I need to make some mon


FHA Home Loans – What Are the Advantages Over Conventional Loans?

FHA Home Loans have many advantages over conventional loans and they are becoming more popular today because of these advantages.

Whenever individuals purchase a home, they generally obtain , because it is easier to afford to pay back as opposed to shelling away a lot of .

Furthermore, assists you to make use of your hard earned intelligently. Much like the idea of an investment decision, debt makes it possible to utilize your immediate for additional monetary possibilities simply because with debt, you can spend or even avail yourself of the services and never have to spend the entire amount right now.

This is exactly why a is really a well-liked idea in residence purchasing. Because, in the absence home , it will be extremely hard for individuals to manage purchasing a house.

Nevertheless, might help a person afford home purchasing however the total expense to get it might be sorely pricey. In


5 Reasons Why People Spend Money

People spend for various reasons. If you are in business, information on why people spend is valuable because you will be able to develop strategies that will attract more clients. Human psychology is very fascinating and if you are able to master it, you will be able to sell snow to an Eskimo.

We buy to save time

One reason why people buy is to save time. Our days only have 24 hours while we usually have so much to do within that time. If you are in business, you should come up with products that save people time. This is why laptops are so popular - people can work at home, on the bus, and in other places away from their offices.

We buy to get more security

People are always scared by what they see in the mainstream media. We turn on our televisions and hear about high gas prices, increased crime rates, increased , a new virus, or a real estate market crash. This makes us want to buy goods and services that will give us security in the future. You wil


Home Equity Loan Interest Rate – Deciding When to Apply

The home equity interest rate that is available when you are thinking about applying for a should be a serious consideration in whether or not you choose to get the . If however you have financial needs that force you to take out a , take the time to review the important factors that impact the rate before choosing a particular lender. A small change in percentage points on the can make a significant dollar difference.

Defining the Terms

The amount of home equity is the amount of cash you would receive if you sold the home at market value and paid off the existing . In practice, this is not usually what happens. Instead the home owner increases the amount of against the home based on the increased value of the home. Equity in the home can increase if the market value increases and if the principal portion of the has been reduced by regular payments.

Where are the Best Loans Found?

Home equity loans are more popular now than in the p