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Eliminating Financial Clutter

As we draw closer to the deadline for institutions to furnish your annual tax statements, you may be wondering how long you need to keep tax and other financial documentation. Gathering your income tax data is a good time to clean out your filing cabinets and shred your utility bills from 1982 and brokerage statements from 1997.

Most personal financial advisors will say to keep tax returns and related documents for seven years. If the return details a potentially taxable investment, keep it as long as you own the asset plus seven years. I recommend clients use the black binder we give you when you become a client of The Asset Advisory Group to organize your monthly brokerage statements, trade confirmations, and other documentation related to investing advice.

You can shred buy and sell confirmations after you have compared them to your monthly statement. Keep your monthly statements until December and put your December statement in the file with your tax return for that year. If


Jaclyn Smith: Even Angels Clip Coupons

Author: Jan Leasure

Who could ever imagine a beautiful celebrity clipping coupons or creating a personal budget? Well, the lovely and talented Jaclyn Smith has a refreshing attitude about saving money and a healthy respect for staying on a budget.When Jaclyn spoke with me recently about her views on personal budgeting and lifestyle she made the comment, "Coupons are Like Pennies from Heaven!" Although I am a huge proponent of anything that saves consumers money, coupons are not our only money saving tool. However, Jaclyn's comment made me envision coupons (and dollars) raining down on me right into my bank account! Since I always use the analogy of coupons being my "Monopoly Money" I just loved Jaclyn's analogy of "Pennies from Heaven!" Although Jaclyn uses cents off coupons, she doesn't have a system. I have shared my system with her by sending her a copy of my Coupon Encyclopedia! (Free Download e-coupon encyclopedia @

Jaclyn's daughter, Spencer Margaret, and


Chase Loan Modification – Suggestions For Keeping The Evil Creditor From Stealing Your Family Residence

Author: Rachel Sully

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Chase loan modification is helping troubled homeowners to lessen their monthly mortgage loan payment in an attempt to prevent losing their homes through foreclosure. This program which is offered by the JP Morgan Chase Bank; acknowledges that homeowners have become frustrated over the way the unsteady economy has forced them to juggle their monthly payments in order to keep their loved ones fed. Deciding what bills to cover or even just to neglect has caused the need for a lot of families to take into consideration the loan modification process. For many property owners paying their monthly mortgage has no longer become a concern and has lead thousands of families in fear of losing their residences.

For anybody who is in need of a loan mod with the Chase Corporation you will want to continue scanning this write-up; they do work out of 24 mortgage centers so you'll want to gather


Need To Stop Creditors Calling? One Technique Will Surely Get Them Off Your Back!

Author: Erik T.

Are you experiencing loss of sleep trying to figure out how to stop creditors calling? If yes, take heart, you are not alone. You are just one of the many who are faced with out-of-control credit card debts.

Does having this problem make you panic whenever the phone rings? Are you constantly wondering what credit company is calling you or what ballooned amount they are asking you to pay this time?

Sadly, the common approach to stop creditors calling is to ignore the call. Whenever people receive an unknown number from the phone, they always think it is their credit card companies calling for collection.

In reality, simply ignoring the call will only give you more embarrassment, harassment and would even get you to possibly the legal department. You have to understand that credit card companies have a choice to put you through legal actions or hand you over to a collection agency that will harass you if they get tired of their failed collection efforts. So if yo


Mobile Home Mortgage – Often A Good Alternative

Author: Thomas Too

The exact expense of located is reaching such large amounts today that many people are discovering the several gains of purchasing an economical mobile home or produced home. In case you are seeking a mobile home mortgage you may perhaps pay just a little greater curiosity, however the cost savings above a stick constructed home are well worth it.In the united states everyone who wants to get a mobile home implement such type of financing alternative as mobile home mortgage loan. This sort of loan enables you to buy either the land or even the home itself as properly as both the land as well as the home. The land, your mobile home will be positioned on, is also sold since the home is supposed to be fixed for the terrain, despite the fact that its place may be transformed with time. Prior to you invest in your mobile home and finance it with mobile mortgage loan, you must know that your mobile home must satisfy foundation conditions that are set by HUD (Department


Various Ways To Save Money

Author: Rocky

There is an old saying – Save for the Rainy Day. In these times of recession, everybody needs to curtail their expenses. This is very essential for both business and households alike. We need to explore all possible ways to save money, in order to conserve our business & money resources and also so that we can have future financial security as well as lead a stress free life in present times. Here we try to provide a list of ways to save money, so that we can keep our personal finances in shape.



Try to save at least One Dollar Every Day. This is one of the easiest ways to save money. Every individual should strive to save at least one dollar every day. One can put aside a piggy bank , like we did in childhood, and put in one dollar every day. That is not much, but over a period of time, it can result in substantial savings and can give quite a boost to your personal finances.


If you are comfortable with saving 10 dollars / even 100 dollars Every


The Benefits Of Refinancing Home Mortgage

Author: Thomas Too

Getting a refinancing home mortgage can seem to be like a hard issue to accomplish, but it doesn't have being. In fact, several people would see huge rewards from refinancing their home loan. Right here are some items that will make the entire practice greater, and extra helpful, for almost any homeowner seeking to refinance a mortgage.While just about every homeowners circumstance and aim is various, you will discover still some stuff that anyone can do to make the mortgage refinancing method simpler to navigate, and extra financially useful.It is usually a very good notion to refinance your home's mortgage if you may see a good sufficient savings come from it. As a way to achieve that,you'll want to obtain a greater interest rate qualification that what you might be having to pay on your old mortgage loan. The thing is, refinancing a mortgage means that you just are having a new mortgage to pay out to your old one on the same property or home. Despite the fact t


Why Fixed Mortgages Is Better Choice?

Author: Thomas Too

When you're buying a home, the total amount in the loan you can have to is often the largest single expense that you'll incur throughout your life. Thus, it will be crucial to look at the distinct sorts of loan options accessible. The fixed mortgage is one of the most favorite forms of mortgages obtainable. Offering a fixed interest rate from typically one to thirty years this kind of mortgage offers financial security for quite a few families. Nevertheless, while there are many clear advantages to some fixed mortgage, you will discover also a few disadvantages which you should retain in mind. By educating yourself about both the advantages and disadvantages you can make the greatest decision about whether or not a fixed mortgage is for you.This kind of loan is made to give you the sameinterest rate that you simply signed up with for just a set period of time. They are usually either 15 year mortgages or 30 year mortgages. A 30 year fixed mortgage will provide you


Some Funny Ways To Save Money

Author: Rocky

In the past few articles, I have been quite serious in discussing the various ways to save money, Today, let us be in a lighter mood and try to see the funny side of things. Below are some of the funny ways to save money.


( Note:- I do not recommend them. Just read them for your amusement. That's all. No need to apply them.)



Try to develop the habit of walking around in your sleep. In this way, at night, if you want to get up to drink water / to go to the bathroom, then you won't need to switch on the lights. You can save money on electricity expenses in this way.



Another point among the ways to save money is - Unplug your TV at night. You can save some electricity and thus save some money, even if it is few cents.



Whenever you go to a fast food restaurant, try to get the maximum possible packets of free Ketchup, Salt, Milk, etc. Basically anything else which is free. In this way, you can save money by not having to buy them


Personal Finance Knowledge – Do You Know How to Deal With Debt Collectors?

One thing most people do not consider as part of their personal finance knowledge is how to deal with debt collectors. Or how to deal with any other contacts you may encounter in your financial dealings. It is important to see the point of view of the debt collectors you are dealing with. They have 'bought' your debt off your finance company and their profits come from getting more than they paid back from you. If you know and understand this you will be in a far better position to deal with them to your advantage.

This does not mean debt collectors are all sweetness and light. Remember it is in their interest to get your money; as much of it as possible and as fast as possible. The people you are dealing with will lose their jobs if they do not perform, but that does not mean you should just do what they say.

Your debt collectors are well aware the majority of the people they deal with simply do not know their rights in these circumstances. They rely on this to persuade you to