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10 Tips for Avoiding Foreclosure

Author: Kristi LeGue

Many, if not all, of us have been touched by the current state of the economy. This is a very scary time with people losing significant portions of their retirement, getting demotions at work, companies going out of business and people getting laid off. Foreclosure can happen to anyone. Today I wanted to share ten tips for avoiding foreclosure from

If you are having trouble keeping up with your mortgage payments or are not able to make them at all:

1. Don't ignore the problem. The further behind you become, the harder it will be to reinstate your loan and the more likely that you will lose your house.

2. Contact your lender as soon as you realize that you have a problem. Lenders do not want your house. They have options to help borrowers through difficult financial times.

3. Open and respond to all mail from your lender. The first notices you receive will offer good information about foreclosure prevention options that can help you weath


Caught in a Money Trap? Keep Reading

Author: Michael Peterson

According to a well-known proverb, "Insanity is doing the same thing in the same way and expecting a different outcome." Same goes for financial matters. After all, there's something a little crazy about falling into the same money traps over and over again (and expecting that, one day, things will work out).

From self-sabotaging spending habits to slacking on your retirement fund, you may be caught in a money trap – without even realizing it. That's the really tricky thing about money traps: They're incredibly difficult to spot because they're all in our heads. Our misguided beliefs and behaviors about spending, saving, and debt can lead to a less-than-healthy relationship with money. Not sure if you're stuck in a money trap? Read on to see if any of these common money-trap behaviors apply to you:
Letting someone else handle your money. When it comes to personal finance, it's easy to hand the reins over to a spouse, family member, or even your financial


Should I Refinance My Mortgage?

Author: Arunraj V.S.

Should I refinance my mortgage loan? This is the prime question in the mind of many people who want to go for a home mortgage refinance loan. Though the Federal Reserve is no more in the mortgage scenario, and the economy is getting stronger, there are warnings by some economists that the mortgage rates may just rise from their historical lows. This is now a dilemma for borrowers who have home equity lines of credit or adjustable rates of mortgage. The question now is should they exchange their low rate loans for the costly fixed rate loans? Or should they take a risk and stick with the honeymoon of adjustable rates and think that the mortgage rates won't go high.

The answer to this dilemma about refinancing mortgage loan or no actually depends on how long people or borrowers ;prefer to live in their homes and how much is the predictable rise in the interest rate. Those who are going to move in the next few years to come do not need to go for the fixed rate un


Lowest Mortgage Refinancing Rates Ever

Author: Arunraj V.S.

Mortgage rates dipped to another new low this week - 4.42 percent on a 30-year loan. That's the lowest since Freddie Mac has got since 1971. So, yes, if you are thinking of mortgage refinancing, this is the right time. Rates may go lower in the next few weeks but no one really can guess. By the time, they hit rock bottom, people may not realize it.

The general perception among most economists is that the sluggish US economy may just gather steam and the interest rates may rise. If you do not lock in now, chances are so much that you will be kicking yourself on the back in the next two years for not taking the bus now. Mortgage interest rates are quite hard to predict. The Mortgage Bankers Association forecast last week that 30-year rates will be at 5 percent a year from now, and 5.8 percent in mid 2012.

If you are in a position to refinance your mortgage, you should count yourself lucky. In St. Louis, 18 percent of homes were valued less than the mortgage on


The Risk of Identity Theft with Credit Cards and How You Can Stop It

Author: Mark Andrade

Federal and state law enforcement agencies are finally starting to take the problem of identity theft more seriously. However, the problem has become so common, thieves more sophisticated, and budgets so sparse, that it is hard to hold the criminals accountable. More and more it is up to individuals to avoid identity theft by vigilantly protecting their own credit card information.Here are some classic methods thieves employ to illegally obtain confidential credit card information from you:
Snatching credit offers from your trash or mail
Submitting a change of address to reroute your mail
Posing as a creditor and requesting a copy of your credit report
Stealing your wallet or mail
Digging through your trash
Breach of security on a computer that contains your credit data
Phony telemarketing schemes designed to solicit your information
Stolen by a desperate or vindictive relative, colleague, or salesperson
Bought and sold through internet clearing houses


Managing Your Debt – Alternatives to Student Loan Consolidation

Author: Mark Andrade

Under certain circumstances you may be able to cancel your student loan obligations, defer payments, or negotiate a more suitable payment plan.Consider the following options if you find you can't keep up with your student loans:DefermentDeferment is when you put your loan on hold while you are still in school, can't find a job, experiencing financial hardship, raising preschoolers, or become disabled. Your loan still accrues interest or the federal government makes interest payments in the case of Stafford loans.ForbearanceForbearance is when your lender allows you to postpone or temporarily reduces payments due to financial hardship. You have to prove you are not working full-time and your monthly income must be no more than twice the federal minimum wage to qualify.Graduated PaymentsSometimes a lender will allow graduated payments on a short-term basis during financial difficulties. This option is where the payments start low and go up on a predetermined basis


Managing Your Debt – What to Do When Collection Agencies Overstep Their Bounds

Author: Mark Andrade

More than a few collection agencies engage in illegal practices when attempting to collect debts. Low-income and non-English speaking debtors are among those most often taken advantage of. Some collectors send fake legal papers and visit debtors pretending to be sheriffs. The collectors tell debtors to pay immediately or threaten to take personal property. Other collectors use vulgarity and profanity to intimidate debtors. Another favorite tactic is to harass the debtor's parents or adult children.

None of these behaviors are allowable under the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act (FDCPA) and you have the right to sue the agency and possibly even the creditor in this circumstance. Such actions give you grounds for a lawsuit, especially if they have been repeated and you have at least one witness. You could even receive punitive damages if the abuse you suffered was particularly bad.

If a collection agent violates the law in any way shape or form, you need to


Calgary mortgage brokers

Author: calmortgage

Are you looking a mortgage broker can help you out with your home financing needs or if you plan on selling your home and buying a new one, your first move should be to look into your mortgage options. Most mortgages today are portable, which means you can take your current interest rate and mortgage contract to your new home, subject of course to certain conditions like the amount of your mortgage. If you need a bigger mortgage, you can often "blend" your current mortgage rate with the mortgage rate on the additional funds you need. One big start is seeing a mortgage broker in your local area. They are local and they can walk you through the whole process. As you go to meet your mortgage broker it is important to have a essential understanding of the mortgage process and of course, if you have an idea as to how the bank thinks, then that's an added bonus.A mortgage agent is an individual who carries out mortgage activities for a mortgage brokerage under the regu


JAL to slash routes, aircraft in turnaround bid

TOKYO - Japan Airlines Corp, a carrier worth no more than a two-decade-old jumbo when it was bailed out by the government in January, said it will retire two-fifths of its aircraft, abandon one in eight overseas flights and end a quarter of its home routes in a bid to return to profit.

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Scholarships Foundation

Author: Carl Evangelista

Scholarships foundation is the best philanthropic way to fund needy students. It helps focus on helping young and deserving people as well as promotes education. The main intention of these foundations is to provide financial assistance to the students who meet the specified criteria so that they can pay their tuitions fees and meet other expenses like books and others. The criteria to receive individual scholarships depend on various factors like the field of education, specific geographic areas and the institution in which the individual wants to study.


Anyone who is interested to set up foundation for scholarships should keep in mind few points. If you are that person, the first thing that you should decide is what is the purpose of your funding, what would you like to sponsor and cover, how much money can you give and what will be the name of your foundation. The next step will be to set the eligibility criteria of your scholarship program. This c