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Author Remarks: Wahid's view is the special and helpful article, as financial analysis. I have explained a new method in this article from my point of view. That how to apply effective- informal and formal ways of regularity and fairly monitoring the progress & quality apply by financial /economic analysis on the basis the standards or level of expected business development,


This Wahid's view closely related to and directly determined by the method. How the financial /economic analysis should performed. & how to expressed in a business plan or strategy that need to execute the company  object, financial /economic analyst need to investigate the current performance of their business and identify their business needs, this engages introducing them to a new and more powerful tools and method. Modern business decision making



Introduction: The financial/economic analysis support and used by the economic manager can be viewe


How To Make $1000 Fast For Christmas

Author: H. Miller

I am sure you are well aware that the internet provides you with an array of opportunities to make some extra cash pretty fast. And with the holidays right around the corner I am sure an extra $1000 or more will come in handy. And guess what? If you follow what I am about to share with you in this article there is no reason why you can't do exactly that. Now before I proceed let me give you a little warning.

What I am going to share with you is not for the lazy. If you are lazy you might as well pack up and move on to something else. This technique will only work if you work it. In other words, it takes work my friend. There is no magic pill or system that can make you $1000 by tomorrow without you doing anything.

So here we go. The fast way that I know how to bring in $1000 fast is by writing articles for other online business owners. Let me explain. When you have an internet business content is very important. Actually, you will hear the term "content is king


How To Make Extra Cash Fast For The Holidays

Author: H. Miller

As I am writing this article it is October 30th, 2010. That means the holidays are right around the corner and chances are you need some extra cash to get gifts and do all the fun little things that come along with the holidays. Unfortunately there are still many people who haven't quite picked themselves back up after what has been going on in the economy. So you need a little boost to make sure this Christmas is indeed a Merry one.

Let me assure you that there is still money being spent all over this world. There is no shortage of money. And what I am going to quickly go over with you in this article is a very quick way to get some of that money and use it to purchase gifts and whatever else you want for the holidays.

Now before I jump into this let me give a little disclaimer. What I am about to share with you requires work. Actually, it requires a lot of work if you really want to get the most out of it. But the benefits will far outweigh the work if you re


Minority Grant Money – Small Business – Bad Debt Grant

Author: subesh06

Most of the kinsfolk are getting very much familiar with the term Government Grants but this topic includes discrete grants placed in different categories. Among this is the US government happening grants longitude you can find federal government business offered for minority business startups again for minor business development. Visit to here -

When you consider how much of revenue is available though these small process owners and their grant to the government therefore it is difficile that they should carry out the proper rights for guidance and succour in their business.The easily availability of discharge small business and minority business startup grant is just the apt option available whereas every salad days owner.

Availing Minority Startup bit GrantThe Department of Homeland utopia or DHS provides free grants for paltry big idea and entrepreneurs who frenzy to compose great related to the security. The DHS has an


Find Free Grant Money Opportunities – Grant Money Information

Author: Jena

Would you step out some free money? Who wouldn't? expert are millions of dollars in free unclaimed government cash waiting to be claimed by American taxpayers just groove on you and I. treasure government grant programs, also you obligatoriness be quickly on your access to getting your hands on whole bunch of free money, to do basically whatever you want with. Visit to -

What is a unshackle grant?The answer to that is simple. It is free capital awarded to taxpaying American family by the United States regulation that you cede never have to pay back. Each and every year, the US oversight sets aside thanks to ninety billion dollars in tax revenue chips to support the various monetary needs of the country's population. A significant fixin's of each besides every tax dollar you spend or earn is put into these amazing programs for taxpayers to claim when they rapture it the most. An insurance policy if you will.

What types of gr


Need peace of mind transacting in real estate of Pearl District Portland or Overlook Portland? Get hold of a professional real estate dealer

Author: Jake Myers

When you are looking for real estate dealers in either Pearl District Portland or Overlook Portland, one of the best ways to go about is to go through the usual and proven channels. Go to any city in the United States, big or small, and you will have no trouble finding one or the other real estate dealer that can help you buying or renting properties. But you get the best deals from those dealers that are professional and have earned a name for themselves. And it is not hard to find these dealers if you keep things simple.The first thing you should do when searching for Pearl District Portland or Overlook Portland real estate dealers is to go through your contact list and see whether you know any real estate dealer. This dealer could be in any city or state in the country but can be immensely helpful. You now need to get in touch with him or her ask for a reference. Since your known real estate dealer will have contacts in many parts of the country, it is highly p


Marketing For Your Mortgage Website

Author: Loan Site Plus

Mortgage marketing has three major avenues to it: sales and management, processing and underwriting and Closing and Escrow management. Mortgage banks are bigger and professional lenders compared to the mortgage brokers. The Loan Officer or the Loan Originator undertakes the predominant or the 'pro-active' part of the mortgage marketing. The loan officer has to market the mortgage lending products effectively. He chooses the target market, creates and executes a sales plan that will bring generate sales, bring in revenue to the firm and also helps the customer satisfy his housing needs to the hilt. For effective mortgage marketing, he uses helpful tools like the contact database, brochures, direct mails etc. The intention is to make the borrower feel happy for having chosen the right mortgage bank and product. To be skillful in the field of mortgage marketing, you ought to have a success driven personality. Every one wants a home; a bigger home, a better home


How do annuities work?

Question: About five years ago, my wife and I put $200,000 into an annuity. Even with the down markets, my financial adviser tells me my guaranteed step-up value is now $375,000. I'm obviously pleased but how does this work? -- Greg M., Mission Viejo, Calif.


Private Student Loans Being Used More Often to Pay College Costs

Author: Jeff Mictabor

According to a new report issued by The Project on Student Debt, one-third of all college students who graduated in 2009 were carrying private student loans, and private student loans accounted for nearly one-fourth of all student loan volume in 2007–08. College students who graduated with private student loans owed about $12,500 in private loan debt.

Private student loans are credit-based, non-federal college loans issued by banks and private lenders. Unlike with government-issued college loans, the federal government does not guarantee private student loans and does not regulate the industry outside of standard lending laws.

Whereas federal student loans carry fixed interest rates, private student loans are typically variable-rate loans, with generally higher interest rates and without the flexible repayment options and borrower protections offered by federal loans.

The Project on Student Debt compares private student loans to credit cards insofar as


The Best Retirement Vehicle for Sole Proprietors

Author: Jason Whitby

Choosing the Individual 401(K) -

By Jason Whitby




The SEP-IRA is dead.  At least it should be for ever sole proprietor that is looking for the best retirement vehicle.  There are very few slam dunks in this industry but choosing the Individual 401(K) over the SEP IRA is clearly one of them.  If you are a Sole Proprietor and you want to maximize retirement contributions with the lowest cost and highest flexibility, then you deserve it to yourself to read these 5 reasons why the Individual 401(K) is the best retirement vehicle for sole proprietors.


Reason 1: Maximum Pre-Tax Contributions

The first reason why the Individual 401(K) is better is that the maximum pre-tax contributions are higher at every level of net earnings before qualified plan deductions for the Individual 401(K) than the SEP IRA.   For example, at $50,000 of net earnings, the Individual 401(K) can contribute up to $31,293 while the SEP IRA is maxed out at